Sunday, 2 December 2007

The Book-launch: Tuesday, 27 Nov 2007

Dear Friends,
It was great to see many of you at Dublin, The Maurya, for the book launch last Tuesday, 27th November 2007.
"The Other Side of Policing" had a good start, and your presence at the book launch made it a great day for me... In fact many remarked it was one big party and celebration.
Many thanks to Rini, for compering so wonderfully, and to Tejeshwar and Sunit for reading the excerpts from the book so effectively. It was a great feeling to guffaw with the rest of you at my own text, when the punches came across out of your rendition so teasingly - enough for everyone present to explode with laughter! Thanks as well, to Giti for selecting the appropriate passages from the book for Tejeshwar and Sunit to read... But then as Mr Ved Marwah put it, the book is not all humour alone.... there is much more to it - the intrigues, the plots, the human interest, the history & nature, not to forget the serious contemporary issues on policing that one cannot cast aside...
And not the least, thank you all for making my publishers happy too, with your huge response that has made them smile whilst running all the way to the bank...
Now for your honest feedback. This blog has been created to hear from you... to get your reactions to my book. Your comments and criticism.... suggestions and brick bats if any.... as well as your questions/queries for me to answer... I am hoping you will post them all here on this web page.
Thank you once again for your continued support.

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